Lots of love at the Ranch Club in Missoula

This was our first wedding videography shoot at the Ranch Club in Missoula, Montana - what a gorgeous day!! It was a beautiful location for a wedding - great venue, great food, great people! We got there early and I flew my drone around the property to get some aerial footage options, and gathered B-roll before the heat of the day set in. The ceremony was simple and both the reception area and the ceremony trellis were adorned with floral arrangements by Whimsy Design - who were delightful to work with, also! 

Dan and Erin's wedding was simple, elegant and exuding so much love! We had to wipe away tears during the ceremony! It was pretty warm out for everyone during the ceremony, but they kept it pretty short, and sweet. Erin wore a wedding dress that both her mother AND grandmother wore - so there was a lot of history there. The dance party was fun - Jeff was grabbing some unique angles with his Glidecam

A gorgeous couple on a gorgeous day for wedding video in Montana! 

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