Promotional video for Merry Pawpins

When we aren't doing wedding videography, we are busy shooting commercials for area businesses. Merry Pawpins, LLC came to us with the idea to make a short promotional video to promote her pet-sitting business, but was not sure exactly what to do. Immediately, Jeff storyboarded out an idea and within a couple days we had shot all the scenes and had a rough edit together.

Commercial video projects usually employ a different set of equipment, pre-planning, and execution than wedding videography. Our primary light for a lot of indoor scenes is a Cool Light LED-1200 made by Cool Lights. We also employ a bevy of Canon lenses and GoPro cameras. Here are a few snapshots from behind the scenes those days. At one point, our cameraman Jeff McLain had to don a dry suit because the Clark Fork River was too chilly.